Allies Line is a nonprofit project dedicated to providing direct support to people in correctional facilities in Vermont.
Clients are referred to Allies Line by residents who have worked with our projects previously. Besides being a place to call when a loved one has been sent to a correctional facility, services also include mentoring, emotional support, letter writing, book purchase, and re-entry support. We’ve picked folks up when release dates come, driven them to probation meetings, supported driving license reinstatement and helped with car repairs. We have advocated for programming, sentence computation corrections and housing placement.
Mostly we listen. By phone, messages, letters and visits. We offer a compassionate ear and empathy on some of the most difficult days our fellow citizens encounter. Work is 100% volunteer and donations cover the costs of communications, educational materials and food donations. Initiatives include partnerships with: Human Kindness Foundation, offering free books by request; Prison Yoga Project,  certifying teachers for mediation and yoga; and Vermont Just Justice, providing regular blog posts on our justice system
Allies Line is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

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